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    A triathlon is a race that consists of three activities completed back-to-back: swimming, biking and running. Do you have to be an athlete (or even in shape) to . Down and back 15 times. I still have some confusion as to what constitutes a lap, which I always thought was down and back, finishing where you started, lap. It takes me 45 minutes to do 15 laps or meters. It's sort of an awkward distance to swim, so there really isn't a ground for an average

    Usual distance will be ¼ mile or approximately yards. Swim distance is miles or approximately yards. ¼ mile = about meters = 8 lengths. to do a meters swim (25 meters lane) in a triathlon competition. do everything you can to glide as far as possible off each one of these. In an Olympic size swimming pool, a full lap is fifty allengunworks.comore, four How many miles is 16 laps in a 50 meter pool? How many laps equal meters?.

    Kudryk was registered for another triathlon next month in Long Branch, Sprint triathlons typically require a meter swim, kilometer bike. About 1/2 mile. Too far when I was on swimteam! 15 laps on an Olympic sized pool. Once you have defined what you mean by “a mile” (probably meters or yards), you need to determine how long your pool is. This is about as simple as it . Iron Distance Triathlon: miles, yards, or 3, meters. Common triathlon swim distance conversions - how many laps in the pool.