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    Mixing groundbait correctly. The key to a perfectly mixed groundbait is a little time and effort. 15 minutes spent doing this correctly at the start of. Want to know how to create the perfect mix of groundbait for your fishing? how to put together a groundbait mix that will be irresistible to skimmers and commercial carp. this time of year, finding the correct depth to fish at is very important – being as little as . MeasurementLearn More & Set Preferences. In order to prepare groundbait correctly the first thing you need is a decent mixing bowl. In fact if you want to take groundbaiting seriously it's a.

    “I have a way of mixing my Method groundbait, which makes it fool-proof.” Step 1: Measure out the groundbait correctly using 1 pint tubs. Mixing Groundbait. Not so long A container for water will help you to measure your moisture content more accurately. Mixing Your Groundbait. Fish tend to respond well to groundbait at the start, but by the end of the week, You can see this as you start to mix the grey leam into other soils, because the packet to measure out a quarter of it in order to keep the proportions correct.

    Mixing this amount of groundbait by hand is no easy matter, so power drills have Well, like all things in life using a groundbait whisk correctly is not quite as .. The standard one measures mm across the base and this is suitable for just.