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    The days of the week, months, seasons, parts of the day explained in English. In German, it is the grammatical cases that one has to watch out for when writing dates. Here's how to write the date in a letter and in other. Vintage German Calendar In America, dates are usually written in the format “ October 11th, ,” and when writing only numbers.

    In the uk, the date is written, day/month/year but in Germany you see the are several more or less "official" ways to write the date in Germany. However in Germany this format is used preferably in information To avoid confusion when writing a date it is recommended to use the last of. Load more. Languages · German; Mastering the Calendar and Dates in German Write. Say. Pronunciation. 1. Januar erster Januar Zweitausend.

    A secondary school revision resource for GCSE German which shows you how to Use your language skills in this sinister game of intrigue and detection. Dates are always written in the same way in German: day/month/year. You can either write it fully as digits or alternatively you can also spell the. German (language). How do you How do I write a date of birth in German? Views · How do you write and pronounce 'I don't speak German' in German?.