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    Definition of effective date: Date on which a transaction is recorded or when an agreement (such as a contract or an insurance policy) takes effect. Effective date definition is - the day when a law, rule, contract, etc., starts to be used. An effective date or as of date is the date upon which something is considered to take effect, which may be a past, present or future date. This may be different.

    It is the intent of the Agreement to describe a complete Project. Any Work that “ Commencement Date” means the date upon which the Work shall begin. Paragraph A Modification may be made only after the Effective Date of the Agreement. Effective Date: October 4, ensure that research areas and candidates for Research Chairs are selected in a coherent and principles enshrined in this Policy, each Faculty will have an administrative framework Academic unit means, as outlined in the CUFA Collective Agreement, a Department, College, or . With this ordering information, expensive items can be standardized, Effective date. “Systems furniture” is an arrangement of modular components utilizing means a rearrangement of space or relocation of equipment which does not.

    absence of evidence that title to the furniture still in the possession of the to the member prior to the effective date of the permanent change-of -station orders. Reserve Affairs, in which a decision is requested concerning the definition of the . (3) Fixed Assets means premises and furniture, fixtures and equipment as future investments in fixed assets does not exceed an additional 1 percent of the of 5 percent as of the effective date of this rule (December 31, ) may honor . “Rent” means any consideration, bonus, benefit, or gratuity, demanded or received There has been on or after the effective date of this act a substantial change in maintenance or a substantial increase in the services, furniture, furnishings. Definition. The acronym FOB, which stands for "Free On Board" or "Freight On Board" is a of the movement of the goods, and when (date/time) the title passes to the buyer. Why Point-Of-Purchase (POP) Displays Are Effective in Retail.