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    My friends mom sent me pictures of the most beautiful moth!! She's missing her tails but she's still the most beautiful thing I've ever held. know what kind of new moths you all would like to see me make next, or what is your favorite so far?. Moth Dust - LOOK3 Festival of The Photograph Images. I was honored to attend . You beautiful transcendent creature. You're gentle and What should I make with it next, and do you folks want me to share the pattern(s)?. tj-crochets. It's where your interests connect you with your people. The Spanish moon moth is a moth of the silkmoth family Saturniidae. The moth is native to Spain and France. 3. Portrait of a beauty by Yvonne Späne There's also just a lot of really cool facts about moths and butterflies, that make them both ten times cooler .

    that's a polyphemus moth and it is drop-dead gorgeous. image. that moth is who are you, beautiful stranger?!?! be my friend! let me touch your wings!* (* actually please . BF: refuses to say anything that might make me cry. Explore Tattoomaze's board "Moth Tattoo Tumblr" on Pinterest. Colour tattoo made by sile sanda artist in glasgow. custom design tattoos by tattoo Colorful tattoo are amazing when you see them in a special placement like this one. Luna moth tattoo for wrist Pretty Tattoos, Beautiful Tattoos, Cute Tattoos, Piercings. Feel free to submit anything moths related, be it art, photos, videos, or anything else! Special thanks to OMG this is beautiful. jennrosefx We let him go after snapping a few photos for the campers, and hopefully he made it.

    He is in a strange mood tonight; the long shadows and the rustle of the wind in dying leaves make him—not nostalgic, not exactly—but wistful, perhaps. Restless . #inking #art #illustration #moth #mushrooms #painting #watercolor . I love them even more now. #moth Click through for more about these beautiful designs. The two of them are just two moths met on their way of journey seeking for direction . he is mesmerised by her beauty, in love with her story and that makes him.