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    You'll save a lot of money installing countertops yourself. Plastic laminate countertops have been adorning kitchen cabinets for more than 50 years—and with. Update your kitchen affordably by installing laminate countertops. the corner bolts and screws from underneath the countertop holding it down to the cabinets. After cabinets are installed, it's time to measure for the granite countertops. It's wise to be very precise. In this project a do-it-yourself granite countertop service.

    Once you've got your granite picked out and your old countertops removed, take accurate measurements of your base cabinets to give to the fabricator. Start with . Install a laminate countertop to refresh your kitchen or bath's appearance. Place the countertop on the cabinet and ensure the backsplash is flush against the. After you've scribed, trimmed, test fitted, and applied any end caps to the countertops, and the glue has set at any mitered corners, you can begin the job of .