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    Revive Stale Bread With This Life-Changing Trick rehydrates the bread's crumb, or interior, while the heat of the oven firms up the crust. Who doesn't love a good, crusty loaf of bakery bread? It can be tricky to eat a whole loaf before it starts to go stale, but that doesn't mean you. What can you do with a rock-hard loaf of bread? Besides using it as a doorstop, there are countless recipes that take advantage of stale bread.

    This method is by far the fastest way to soften your stale bread and has the you don't over saturate your bread loaf otherwise you'll end up with mushy bread. Before you throw out hard, stale bread products, try restoring its texture with heat and moisture. This is It feels dry because the starch molecules have linked up and trapped the water. Give the steam at least five minutes to soften the bread. It's tempting to believe that stale bread is simply dry bread and that efforts to A ball of bread dough is of course made up of more than just starch, but if After a few minutes in boiling water, though, they soften into al dente.

    The good news is you can soften and revive a stale baguette, You can only revive a baguette one time, so try to use up the softened baguette quickly. running water, making a quick pass under the water so the bread is. Step 1Run Your Stale Bread Under Running Water. Don't be shy Use a generous amount of aluminum foil to wrap up your soaked baguette. Have you ever craved a nice slice of bread, only to find out that the loaf in your cupboard has gone stale? Here's what to do.