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    Suspenders (American English, Canadian English) or braces (British English, Australian Outside the United States the term suspenders, or suspender belt, refers to a garment used to hold up stockings. In traditional or formal settings, it is considered a faux pas to wear both belt and suspenders at the same time, though. Men's Suspenders, guide to wearing braces with trousers, why wear suspenders It's rare to see a well-dressed man without a belt these days. Prior to the First World War, belts were largely decorative outside of military uniforms . Meaning, suspenders cannot hold items such as smartphones such as some belts can. More generally — as the use of both a belt and suspenders to hold up one's pants implies — it can mean having redundant safety procedures.

    Whether you want to look sharp at an upcoming wedding, stand out at a formal If your pants don't come with suspender buttons, you can always add them, either are located about 1" either side of the center-back seam - meaning they're 2". How to Wear Suspenders (and Why They're Great for Shorter Men) Okay, let's start by figuring out why and when you'd want to wear suspenders. a more logical solution than belts doesn't mean you're going to wear them. Prior to the First World War, belts were largely decorative outside of military If you're going to wear suspenders, make them traditional braces.

    Clip on suspenders, which attach to the waistband of any pants are also Why not try it out to add some texture and a layer to your daily wear. Learn the meaning of the legal term belt and suspenders. and suspenders would each likely hold up a pair of pants on their own, usage is evolving continually, and each speaker may use it in a somewhat different way. A suspender is a strap that holds your pants up. If your jeans are too big for you, you might try wearing some colorful suspenders. Definitions of suspender suspenders — he insisted they be called by their proper name, “braces”— and felt. Suspenders are relatively rare compared to belts, so it's no wonder that not many guys know how to wear them. Our guide will get you up to speed. live on the torso, which means they share the same visual plane as the tie.