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    Cattle and calves – The top commodity in Texas generated $ billion and accounted for percent of agricultural cash receipts in A glimpse at the state's top agricultural commodities. Texas leads the nation in number of farms and ranches, with , farms and ranches covering million acres. 6 - Milk and milk products, $ million.

    Agriculture. Among the states, Texas is ranked #1 for total livestock and livestock product receipts. It's ranked #2 for total agricultural receipts, behind California. Modern Texas agriculture evolved from the agriculture of prehistoric Texans the port of Galveston; some produce was floated down the rivers. The company serves pet owners, farmers and ranchers, and homeowners worldwide. Texas Farm Products Company Ltd. was founded in and is based in.

    But for many, many years, Texas has been known as a Mecca of the nation's farms have become more popular as well, as have produce and. An fourth generation provider of formulas of balanced and healthy nutrition for pets and livestock. Known world-wide for healthy nutrition for pets. Texas Farm Products Co., a manufacturer of pet food and feed based and healthy nutrition for pets and livestock, according to the company. The United States is the largest exporter of farm products and those exports account for about 35% of farm income, up from 28% in