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    A standard curve, also known as a calibration curve, is a type of graph used as a quantitative research technique. Multiple samples with known properties are. An example of a standard curve for protein concentration determination is illustrated . By plotting the Ct value of an unknown sample on the standard curve, the. Standard curve. Standard curves are used to determine the concentration of substances. They are obtained by relating a measured quantity to the concentration.

    Create a standard curve by graphing the following data (Absorbance vs. Protein certain to include all elements of a good graph (title, axes labels, and units). To add a trendline to the graph, right-click on the standard curve line in the chart to display a pop-up menu of plot-related actions. Choose Add Trendline from. The Use of Standard Curves. Related Topic: How to use semi-log graph paper. You will see as the semester progresses, the need to quantitate microorganisms .

    Standard curves represent the relationship between two quantities. They are used to determine the value of an unknown quantity from one that is more easily . Standard curve–making and using. You need to produce a graph showing the linear relationship between the OD of the solutions (e.g. cordial) at various.