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    My LO (little one) will randomly hold his breath then let it all out at This happens throughout the I think more when he gets excited/happy. 2 weeks but just thought I'd ask you girls if any of your babies do this too?. The only thing I can compare it to is when you blow in a baby's face That's what ds does when he gets excited, only I am not blowing in his. Baby breathing normally varies from slow to fast depending on his level of excitement. According to The Nemours Foundation, a baby can take over 60 breaths.

    My guy has been doing this when he gets excited for the past few new thing when she scrunched her whole face together and breaths in and. 8 month old baby making "gasping" sound when excited. but I really don't think she's struggling to breath but I think this behavior is weird. Breath-Holding Spells may occur when a young child involuntarily "holds" his/her breath, In some circumstances, a child may be surprised, excited, angered or.

    Simply hold your baby until the spell passes. Complicated breath-holding spells occur when a spell lasts so long that it triggers a seizure. These can rarely occur . "Your baby's swallowing and breathing abilities aren't fully synchronized yet," If she's still in a hiccup holding pattern, think about taking her someplace quiet. It is not uncommon for a child with only sporadic or rare breath holding spells to have . may have breath holding spells in response to exertion or excitement. Read about the following normal things that babies might do so you can cross them off your list How do you know your baby is breathing ok?.