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    [English Version: ] When I feel the thrill of water spraying and the chill, I feel awesome When I'm splashing about and just want to shout, I feel. Well, Cinthol did exactly that with their 'Alive is Awesome' campaign. The creative and brilliant commercials, shot at different scenic locations with The posts also featured quotes from the likes of Joseph Campbell, Marty. I purchased this soap after watching the advertisement on TV, I am using it from 15 days packaging of the product looks good it is in a blue wrapper.

    You feel cool for some minutes after the bath but not remains fir the long time. . I used this cinthol cool soap from 5 months and I want to give review this soap. Hlo all, today I tell you about cinthol cool soap, There is a lot of advertising on. Old Cinthol Ad: Image Source And, in the end I would like to say, Godrej is Awesome:) Why Traveling makes me feel Alive Is Awesome. Buy Cinthol Confidence + Soap, g (Buy 3 Get 1 free of 75g) online Great and genuine product. has a subtle fragrance which is very nice. i am.

    The Cinthol soaps are great, they smell good and makes me feel refreshed and cool. The cooling effect doesn't last long, but it still holds upto few hours.