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    Port-A-Cath How To Access The Port A simple x-ray is used for post- operative imaging to confirm appropriate placement of the port. Port-a-caths/Passports. ➢ Benefits: ○. Long term access – can be years. ○. Aesthetics/patient body image. ○. Central line for blood drawing and medication . Implanted central venous access ports have become the mainstay of treatment for a more positive body image and maintenance of routine lifestyle activities.

    A port is a small medical device that allows providers easy, reliable access to a physician trained in image-guided, minimally invasive procedures, or a. Ports are accessed by using a special needle through the skin that covers the port . We will take ultrasound images of your neck and upper chest area. PowerPort® duo M.R.I.® Implantable Port. Dual-lumen port; Power injectable; Enables reliable venous access; Enables superior imaging; Easily identifiable.

    PowerPort is a multifunctional central venous access port that can be used to obtain blood samples, perform imaging examinations such as contrast-enhanced .