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    Is it possible that you're trying to play a Blu-ray Disc in a standard DVD player? Blu-ray If you've tried to clean it and it still won't play, it might be scratched. It's Redbox policy not to refund charges that are older than 90 days. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care team by clicking here. My disc won't play. What should I do? What's the Redbox refund policy? If I use a promo code to rent a DVD how much will I be charged? My movie or TV show.

    if your DVD is scratched, call REDBOX at to tell them about the disc problem. they will ask you for the barcode so that when you return the disc, they can. For example, if you rent a DVD on Tuesday but do not return it until the . If an item is returned damaged, as determined by Redbox in its sole. The screen displays a message that the movie return was accepted and you usually So now you know what to do if your Red Box DVD isn't returned .. these movies for less than$ if they were really lost or damaged.

    Every single children’s DVD I rent is scratched to bits. I rented one . I rented a Movie fom the RedBox and then returned it the next day. 25 days later i get. They were very helpful and also gave me 2 free dvd rentals. If your disc is damaged, please let Redbox know through the Ask a Question form or by calling the Redbox Customer Care . I would just return it and not worry. I felt bad, but then I stopped and thought, "Wait a minute. photocopy the Leprechaun: Origins DVD, placed the paper copy back in the case and returned it . All to scam Redbox out of a straight to DVD movie that apparently at. So basically they double charge you after days after your rent and return the movies. I'm so over this company and will not rent from them. Helpful. 2 people.