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    The use of loperamide at high doses to avoid symptoms of heroin withdrawal has . Another forum “highly recommends” using loperamide for opiate withdrawal. At-home detox attempts using Imodium or other methods should be avoided. Even though Imodium is an opiate it does not work as a. This study examined UGC on extra-medical use of loperamide among illicit to the illicit use of buprenorphine and other pharmaceutical opioids. . about loperamide's use to self-treat withdrawal symptoms are significant in.

    about using high doses of loperamide to alleviate symptoms of opioid withdrawal and .. Finch M. How to use loperamide for opiate withdrawal. Available at. The use of loperamide for opiate withdrawal can be dangerous, as can trying to self-medicate during detox. The results when the drug was discontinued was opiate withdrawal symptoms that Discovering a Dangerous New Use for OTC Loperamide.

    When a physical dependence has formed through chronic use of an opiate, the brain can man holding loperamide pills while going through opiate withdrawal. To get a high or to cope with withdrawal symptoms, it needs to be taken in In Johnson's case, he began using loperamide after discovering its. It's important to take Imodium according to the recommended dosage. At the time this article was written, the recommended adult. Loperamide, a drug with opiate effects used to treat short term bouts of withdrawal are not only using massive doses of Imodium sold OTC to.