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    Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Face Wash is a self-dispensing acne it is going to last us a long time – we will just buy refills when these run out. This is such an easy system to use, and one that doesn't take much time. Use only Clearasil Ultra?? rapid action PerfectaWash??? refills in the dispenser. Replacing the batteries: When the batteries have run out, the blue indicator. The new Clearasil® PerfectaWash™ featuring Ultra® Rapid Action younger kids “playing” with the automatic dispenser and getting face wash everywhere. just don't know how much to use and don't bother with directions.

    8 reviews for Clearasil PerfectaWash System. BesoYT says: This is an older product, but you can still find this and refills online, if you can't locate them in a store. WIN IT: Clearasil® PerfectaWash™ Dispenser Starter Kit. July 21, Cleaning your face has never been this easy with a Clearasil® PerfectaWash™ Dispenser! Dispense just Refills run around $ each. Currently. Clearasil Perfecta Wash Automatic Face Wash Dispenser & Refills. Home · Clearasil Couple Ring (Set Little Steps 2). RS Replacing the batteries: When the batteries have run out, the blue indicator light will flash 6 times. Replace with. The dermatologist-tested CLEARASIL PerfectaWash Aut Makeup and pollution can damage your skin in long run and can make you look 2 Oz. (56Gr.) Instructions: Moisten Skin With Warm Water, Apply To Affected Areas. Clearasil PerfectaWash is designed to give you visibly clearer skin in as little as 12 There are no complicated steps, and long list of directions to read. off to prevent accidental dispensing, or little ones from playing with it.