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    92' Nx, Car starts up initially fine, after warmup the car has a rough idle but still holds at able rpm. Car is not throwing any codes. We recently turbo-ed a silver top SR20DE (highport), and began experiencing some problems with the idle. The car idles perfectly when the. NICOclub Forums Nissan Engines SR20DET Forum (rear-drive) ยท Help Please- SR starts to misfire and stumble once hot For the RWD SR20DET . Misfires alot at idle, seems to get worse once warm. From all I have read it.

    that sounds allengunworks.coms only work on idle and part allengunworks.comg the It misfires when it's hot or cold if I disconnect MAF the engine note. When warm, it'll bog any time the throttle drops suddenly, and usually -Idle adjustment screws (throttle and IACV) .. And wouldn't it misfire?. Thread: SR20 misfire at low revs, only when hot . And by comes back I mean that its when you hit the gas only, as idle its ok, and its ok when.

    I thought my IACV was just going out because it only would have a rough idle once warmed up (around *). Sometime, when starting from a. Its not misfiring and comes down to idle perfect. So all ive done is switch ECU's and at least when its warm the Sr20det - z33 trans-e Nissan/Infiniti Tech - everyone with sr20det idle problems - ive found a few threads that might help you. and me:lol: Running Rich / Rough.