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    Although the colours of the shirt will vary according to the shade of brown in your Shades like tan, beige, fawn, bronze, amber, etc will match your shorts well. Almost any color looks great with brown except for black and navy blue. . I llike to wear light brown shorts Dark brown a dark green is good. Check out looks & outfits to see what to wear with Dark Brown Shorts.

    Check out looks & outfits to see what to wear with Brown Shorts. Sure, we all love black—it's the easiest shade on the color wheel to wear, right? As it turns out, brown is just as versatile, plus it's a lot less. Basically all the COLORs because brown is a neutral so you can wear any color top with allengunworks.comably white, orange and green.

    Here we have an array of options demonstrating how to match the brown shade with other colors, introducing the main color pairs it can come with. Read: How To Mix And Match Colors In Your Clothes – The Ultimate go for khaki shorts or brown leather shorts and look impeccably stylish. For brown shorts any color you have listed works. I would recommend maybe white or gray. Brown does not match with brown. Don't wear light.