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    We found one dictionary that includes the word bar liter: Science dictionaries Science (1 matching dictionary). bar liter: How Many? A Dictionary of Units of. BAR-LITRES CONVERSION TABLE. Pressure. PSI. Capacity. Bar. Pints. Litres. Equals: barrels fluid per minute (bar/min) in flow rate. Converting Liter per minute to barrels fluid per minute value in the flow rate units scale. The barrels fluid per minute unit number bar/min converts to 1 L/min, one Liter per minute.

    Diferent flow rate units conversion from barrel fluid per minute to Liters per minute . Between bar/min and L/min measurements conversion chart page. Convert 1. First, calculate the volume of the tank: (Pi * (30/2)²) * = cm³ cm³ = liter. We know that water. Planning a party or stocking your bar? The most popular bottle sizes are the fifth and the liter (marked with an asterisk *) and are the sizes.

    Conversion chart for bar (Metric, pressure conversion). Instant units and Type your bar value below. . Planck pressure (L⁻¹MT⁻²). * atm, bar MPa. PSI, , atm x = bar l/min x = 6 m3/h. l/s (liter / second)* l/s l/s, CFM l/min m3/h, I have been asked by some bars for 1 liter bottles, maybe 25%. Most are used to purchasing the ml. For some it really is about cost.