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    Jatakarman (IAST: Jātakarman, Sanskrit: जातकर्मन्) (literally, natal rites) is one of the major Whatever in my work I have done too much, or whatever I have done too little, may the wise Agni make it right, make it proper, Svah!". Jatakarma The Jatakarma ceremony welcomes the birth of your newborn into this world. All these are performed on the 10th or 12th day after the childbirth. 'I am performing this sanskar of Jatakarma - (birth) so that this son of mine the mantra- with the following meaning is chanted: 'O beloved son.

    Jatakarma: Birth Ceremonies · atman, rite of The jatakarma ceremony welcomes the baby into the world. The father Meaning and Purpose. Why are we not. Jatakarma is the birthing ritual in the Hindu faith. Lovat's 5 Step Approach to Rituals - Jatakarma 1. point are performed on anywhere between the 10th to the. jAtakarma is performed as soon as the male child is born but before the navel string is cut. . Meaning: May savitA dEvA bless the child with intelligence.

    Jatakarma, aka: Jātakarma, Jata-karma, Jātakarmā; 6 Definition(s) Jātakarma ( जातकर्म) is performed by the necessities of the case. Alternate Spellings: jatakarman. Short Description: A samskāra (rite or ceremony) performed for the well-being of a new-born son. Long Description: A samskāra. Jatakarma is a Hindu ceremony, which is performed to welcome the newborn baby in this world. It is one of the major 'Samskaras' in Hinduism. Once a Hindu baby enters the world, Jatakarma is performed to welcome the child into the family, by putting some honey in the child's mouth.