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    Nearly three years ago, artist and automotive designer Brian Peterson began a project that has since taken on a life of its own. Called Faces of. Brian Peterson paints portraits of people experiencing homelessness in Santa Ana, California, using the proceeds from the sales to give back to the subjects. When Brian Peterson first had the idea to paint Matt Faris’s portrait, his goal was small. He just wanted to hang the. Brian Peterson is an artist based in Santa Ana, California. He paints vibrant portraits of homeless people and rough sleepers in his home town.

    Brian Peterson was moved to make a difference by painting portraits of Santa Ana's homeless, and selling them to help pay for the person's. Behind each portrait thoughtfully painted by Brian Peterson is a story-- and through those stories he seeks to honor and dignify the subjects of. Next time you fall asleep on the subway, be prepared to wake up and find yourself part of a sublime work of art. Thai monk-turned-artist Pairoj.

    Suzon Lucore paints portraits of homeless individuals in Sacramento, hopes others will see them in a new light. 'Faces of Santa Ana' is a continuous exhibition of portraits of homeless people, founded by Californian artist Brian Peterson. Brian talks to.