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    When summarising texts 'skimming' and 'scanning' are the key skills needed to find information. Your opening sentence should summarise your main argument. In this article, Charlie Brooker establishes a sarcastic tone through exaggeration and simile to. and format a comparison response with BBC Bitesize GCSE English Language . For example, two newspaper articles could use exaggeration to present.

    Posts about Paper 2 Question 3. Summary Writing. written by Miss Reedy. REVISION. GUIDE Here's a summary of what you have to do in each paper. ( 10 mins). ⇒. Compare the sources, summarising the explicit and implicit ideas. To revise independently for this question: Read opinion articles and highlight the main points the writer makes. Summarise these ideas and put.

    Revision activity – Select a range of non-fiction texts. Time yourself (15 minutes only!) to summarise the material ask a parent to make sure that you are. Exams Information and Revision Booklet. Name: . English Language Paper 1- Explorations in Creative Reading 50% of English Language GCSE .. The question is assessing your ability to summarise and compare key information. GCSE history revision: dates, dynasties and dictators Try to practice your summarising skills with a newspaper, read a few articles a week. Revision Guide. GCSE English GCSE English Language Paper 1: 1hr 45mins ( 50%). Question summarise and detach himself and take an.