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    The Deep Sparkle Pupa is designed to mimic the caddis pupa while it is still on the bottom, drifting. Gary had four main color variations that he used for the. Brown/Green Emergent Sparkle Brown/Bright Green Emergent Sparkle Pupa Gary noticed that while this emergent pupa pattern is within the surface film, the. The Deep Sparkle Pupa was created by Gary Lafontaine who was one of the most, if not the most, recognizable name in fly fishing or tying over the last two.

    The LaFontaine Deep Sparkle Pupa is such a great pattern that it doesn't really need too much change. Like te old saying goes "If it ain't broke. Designed as an emerger, this pattern can quickly transformed into a Deep Sparkle Pupa by simply cutting off the deer-hair wing. As usual, there. Olive Deep Sparkle Pupa. tied by Roughfisher Tying Instructions: Tie in two sparse 1" sections of Antron like a tail, one on either side of the shank. Touch-dub .