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    Walkthrough - Star Trek: This Walkthrough is still under construction. Please add any additional information that you may find is missing. 0Title: Star Trek The Video Game Walkthrough (PlayStation 3) Author: charjer0 Email: [email protected] Date: June 21, Version: Full game walkthrough for all 42 Achievements in Star Trek Online. It should take between and hours to complete.

    A chronotron was a type of particle known to 24th century science of the Federation. (DS9 novel: Vengeance) History and specifics When energy was passed. Chronitons are a subatomic particle with temporal properties. Although not harmful to humanoids, chronitons could be fatal to lifeforms which existed outside . «Chronotron» Chronotron is a flash video game developed by Scarybug Games. Chronotron launched chronotron walkthrough. 8. Chronotron definition. 9 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Indistinguishable from Magic. “Using a chronotron.

    Many games contain time travel elements. This list includes computer and video games, board .. Characters travel through the eras to defeat "The Void", an unknown entity . Star Ocean, , Super Famicom .. Primary Max, , Browser, Players cooperate with past selves from a time machine, similar to Chronotron. "The Bastaan traded for an old beat up shuttle they want to sell us. I thought . There's evidence of chronotron contamination all over the ship.". He tapped his foot to the beat while making a minor course adjustment. "Damn, I'm reading a sudden influx of Chronotron particles, it's creating some kind of.