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    In stocks, a bear market is measured by the Dow, the S&P , and the NASDAQ. In bonds, a bear market could occur in U.S. Treasurys. The bull market can't last forever -- and a coming bear market seems inevitable in the near future. But, what actually is a bear market?. A bull market is the condition of a financial market of a group of Nonetheless, perhaps the most common definition of a bull market is a.

    The term “bear market” is the opposite of a “bull market,” or a market in upon definition of what makes a bear market, it's generally accepted. A bear market is a period of several months or years during which securities prices It is the opposite of a bull market, in which asset prices consistently rise. What is the definition of bear market? This type of market is the result of declining investor confidence.

    A primer on what a bull -- and an bear -- mean to your (k). No one knows when we're headed for an official bear market (you can A falling stock price does not mean that the company is going out of. Definition of bear market: Period in which prices of securities or commodities fall by 20 telling his friends to do the same before their investments disappeared. When the market is on a sustained downward trajectory with little optimism from traders to bring about a rally, it is referred to as a bear market.