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    Doctors in India have extracted teeth from the mouth of a year-old boy in a seven-hour operation. Ashik Gavai was brought in with a. A teenager in India, who had more than "teeth" growing in his mouth due to a benign dental tumor, has had them removed. When older teenagers typically have pain around their molars and need to get teeth extracted, it's because of wisdom teeth crowding other teeth. Ashik Gavai, a .

    Dental surgeons in India's largest city say they have removed small "tooth- like structures" from the mouth of a teenage boy with a rare. Ashik Gavai, 17, from Mumbai, was suffering from a condition known as Grisly moment Indian boy had 'teeth' pulled from his mouth in 7. Indian boy has teeth removed. Surgeons operating on lump in Ashik Gavai's jaw found many 'pearl-like teeth' and a solid 'marble-like'.

    The Indian boy who had a 'world record' teeth Indian dentists display teeth removed after operating on year-old Ashik Gavai at JJ. A boy suffering from a rare medical condition has had teeth surgically removed – and is still left with 28 in his mouth. Ashik Gaval had. Doctors in India have removed teeth from the mouth of a teenage boy, all in a single operation.