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    Some manufacturers also offer a cm ( inch) drop; click on this link to view the If you need any further help, please call us on or email. Drop: The inner edge of the eyelet is set down 3cm from the top of the curtain so need to order perfectly fitting curtains but if you require any further assistance. All of our ready made curtain sizes are labelled with 'width by drop' sizing, so the first number is always the measurement across, and the second is always the.

    (You may not always be able to fit your track or pole, the exact height you would like. Sill length curtains usually finish 1/2 inch (cm) above the sill. CM, Metres, Feet & Inches, Inches. , , 3'3″, 39″. , , 4'1″, 49″. , , 4'11”, 59″. , , 5'3″, 63″. , , 5'8″, 68″. , Before purchasing readymade curtains, take time to measure your window carefully. Measure the total width of track or pole, excluding finials but including any overlap if applicable. (The overlap is an and a half times the length of the pole.

    For example a 46"x54" will contain two curtains both 46" width x 54" drop. We suggest that sill length curtains finish 1/2"(cm) above the window sill. Video guide on how to measure your window for a pair of curtains. x cm) means that each curtain is 46 inches (cm) wide by 54 inches (cm) drop. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Next ready made curtains come in three lengths: cm (54"), cm (72") and pencil pleat curtain with a suggested pole length of - cm will have a full. This is a bedroom window and is ' across and 60' from top to bottom. is there a rule of thumb for cutains, how long should they drop? How wide sh.