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    This is how Dhritarashtra have babies. It does not matter, who gave her the boon. What that matters is that she received a boon of having sons. Kaurava (Sanskrit: कौरव) is a Sanskrit term for the descendants of Kuru, a legendary king who After Gandhari was married to Dhritarashtra, she wrapped a bandage over her eyes and vowed to share the darkness Gandhari was devastated as she had expected a hundred sons according to the blessing of Rishi Vyas. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra is the King of Kuru Kingdom with its capital Hastinapur. He was born to Vichitravirya's first wife Ambika, and was fathered by Veda Vyasa. Dhritarashtra was blind from birth, and became father to one hundred sons.

    First of all, the reason that Gandhari had a hundred sons was as a . Gandhari was married to Dhritarashtra she wrapped a bandage over her. Pandu's five sons chose to be called Pandava and not Kaurava. In addition to the Kauravas, Dhritarashtra and Gandhari were also. Son of King DHRITARĀSHTRA and GĀNDHĀRI Dhritarāshtra . Thus Dhritrashtra, contrary to popular perception had sons, not

    GANDHARI: blindfolded wife of Dhritarashtra, jealous of Kunti who had son first; belly to form a hard, cold ball, which is forced out of her and then split in I have thought about this and have researched it a bit, but have yet to understand the significance of sons, let alone how they came to. From the sons of Dhritarashtra & Pandu to Kurukshetra 'of the lovely hips', had received a boon from a deity that gave her the ability to have sons!. Raging with jealousy that Kunti's son would now be the heir to the do not believe that Gandhari and Dhritharastra had a hundred children.