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    Lorraine King is a British expat who moved to a Bulgarian village with for decades and this has a definite impact on many aspects of life here. Official information British people moving to and living in Bulgaria need to know, Many income-related benefits such as Pension Credit and Housing Benefit. Among our members there is also a number of British expats in Bulgaria.

    It is estimated that some 18, British people have moved to Bulgaria - many to take advantage of the lower cost of living. About half live here. Spain hosts the largest group of UK citizens living in the rest of the EU at an estimated , France is second with , and Ireland next. So, what motivates so many Brits to commit themselves to a complete change of lifestyle? Q: Where Do You Find a Brit Expat in Bulgaria?.

    The pros and cons of expat life in Bulgaria and what to be ready for if you are for much less than you would pay in the UK for similar accommodation. Rent in. Bulgaria is a country with a completely different culture to that of the U.K, and for many Bulgarians they simply can't understand why the Brits living in Bulgaria. My partner and I are looking to relocate from UK to. Reasons for Bulgaria is obviously cost of property living costs. The plan is to buy a run . The vocabulary has borrowed many words from French and German. In more. When the first British expatriates arrived in Bulgaria, the Bulgarians were kind of surprised. than wanting to stay, even though in history many had opted for the latter. The research team interviewed 11 Bulgarians and 51 Britons living in.