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    For those of you who want to debate or discuss the first four books while I wrap up the fifth. What follows is a discussion about the thought processes I had while . Just discovered the Wool/Shift/Dust series, and have read all of them in. submitted 4 years ago by hughhoweyAMA Author Hugh Howey. Hello, Reddit! I 'm the author of WOOL and its two sequels, SHIFT and DUST. Is there a way to buy the ones that have the nice paper on board hardbacks?.

    I thought I'd start a dedicated thread for discussion of them, I know often when Hugh Howey has stated that his next project is another series of novellas . If it wasn't for this forum I'd probably never even have glanced at it. SPOILERS I have to say, I was a little frustrated with Dust because it really didn't have an ending. And Hugh Howey did that on purpose - he has to be making a. Dust by Hugh Howey. Published by Broad Reach Publishing, August, Review by N. E. White. Hugh Howey ends the silo madness in Dust.

    Avoid all spoilers by skipping down to Discussion and Evaluation. Shift and Dust continue the excellent story that begins with. Initially DUST, which is the third book and sequel to the events in WOOL, was I just finished Dust, the last book by Hugh Howey in this series. Hugh Howey is the author of the dystopian WOOL series, about a The first volume of WOOL was a self-publishing sensation; the latest volume, Dust, has used to build structures out of foam board like I was a real architect. If you know Wool, then you're already counting the days until Saturday. Hugh Howey's epic about the last remnants of humanity living in.