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    But you can download the received audio files to your computer with the help of WhatsApp Web. This will guide you to export and save audio (Voice Messages, Songs, etc.) files from WhatsApp on your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Save WhatsApp. The easiest way to save WhatsApp media files on Android phone is to save WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings to a file manager on the .

    Choose "WhatsApp Attachment" on the left and preview the messages. click the audio files you want to save and then click "Recover" to save. Save Voice Massages As MP3 Files. What you need: Your phone with WhatsApp installed; (A computer or laptop); (Google Drive); An MP3. "A friend who is an Android user sent me audio clips by WhatsApp, and I don't find a way to save such clips to any other place nor to forward the.

    They are already saved in the WhatsApp's default folder. You just have to go to your There you will find sent and received voice notes of your WhatsApp profil.. . In the file manager app, navigate to your SD card or Phone > Pictures > WhatsApp. On Windows Phone it is not possible to save audio files, you can only.