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    The EEC Power Relay not only supplies battery voltage to the Fuel Injection Computer (also known as the E.E.C. Electronic Control Assembly). Find solutions to your eec power relay question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on eec power relay related issues. I'm still having a shut down problem on my wife's 94 Explorer now and then. I thought I had it when I replaced the Fuel Pump and filter.

    If there is no power when the key is inserted, the engine will not start, or the battery is dead, you may need to replace the ECM power relay. Our certified. The ECM power relay is the relay responsible for sending power to the ECM. If the relay fails, or has any issues, it can cause the vehicle to have. On my dad's 87 F it is located on the driver's side near the firewall. It is about 1" square and about 2 inches tall. I has 4 wires (?) coming out.

    I haven't been able to find the EEC Power Relay, but the other two relays are good. Could it be that the EEC Power relay is going bad. I am having the engine shutdown trouble that seems pretty common with the EEC 's I have replaced everything that I know of except for the. Exactly which one is the eec relay? I need to replace it but can't determine which one it is. thanks. Where is the EEC Power Relay located? Does it have another name? - This is a , 8 cylinder, liter. Truck won't start. I have no power to.