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    And as we see in the example of "time is money," metaphors can create strong images that can be used to great effect in everyday communications and thinking. Learn about Metaphorical Thinking and how you can apply this in your business life to bring you new ideas, collaborations and improved loyalty. Read more. With metaphorical thinking, you shift your frame of reference and make a connection between the problem and something else. Take a moment.

    Definition: Metaphoric thinking is a substitutional mental process in which implicit comparisons are made between qualities of objects which are usually. Crucially, people who scored highly in metaphoric thinking style tended to perform better at this task. This suggests their colourful thinking style. METAPHORICAL THINKING IN CHILDREN. Charles E. Schaefer. The Children's Village, Dobbs Ferry, New York. Since creativity is a complex phenomenon it is.

    A metaphor is a soft thinking technique connecting two different universes of meaning. Examples: Food chain, flow of time, fiscal watchdog. This article critically reviews the extant literature on scientific creativity and metaphorical thinking. Metaphorical thinking is based on a. Metaphorical thinking. People tend to think of the mind as analogous to current technology. Over the last few centuries, the mind has been. If you want to originate breakthrough business solutions, you will need to think differently than you usually do. In a phrase, you will need to “get out of the box.