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    Because even after dumping him/her the dumper is keeping tabs on the dumpee. The dumper still has feelings, so why dump him/her in the first place? And so you ask how does the dumper feel when the dumpee has moved on. She expected to move on first and be the smug one in a new relationship leaving her past behind, she doesn't like that you moved on from her first and are. Do all dumpers struggle when the dumpee moves on? My dumpee was going to a counselor to sort out his issues, and now he is dating the.

    They do some poking around and realize the dumpee has moved on with their lives and suddenly dumpee is unattainable, exciting, no longer. This is the most important thing you need to remember as a dumpee. situation, change your mentality on how to see it, and finally move on. The dumpee is moving on from someone that has caused them intense pain,that ended it by choice,that felt cruel and was a conscious decision.

    Hopefully the dumpees out there can think about this situation when trying to move on. Long story short, after years, I got dumped by my boyfriend out of the. If they were the ones to end the relationship, and we, as the dumpee, have managed to move on.. surely they will have moved on too?. Dumping means you've had your fill and prefer to move on. Stalking her on social media means well, you should stop that. And her NYE date. One reason why the dumper goes back to the dumpee The point of this post it to let people know that when you move on to someone else so.