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    There are many different fruit trees that grow in zone 7. These fruit growers can take advantage of the best of both worlds. For tips on planting or. In most parts of the country, fruit trees should be planted in early spring. Where winters are mild (zone 7 and south), you may plant in late fall, enabling roots to. The colder winters characteristic of USDA zones 7 and below in the Midwest and Northeast are too harsh for planting bare-root fruit trees in fall.

    Growing backyard tree fruit takes a commitment to soil preparation and multiple years of care Select fruit cultivars that are adapted to the winter hardiness zone of your setting. Dwarf trees are feet tall by feet wide. How to cut out years of trial and error by learning how to pick the right trees, where to get them, where to plant them, how many chill hours they. Make sure you select varieties that are hardy and tolerant to your growing zone. In addition, most fruit trees require a second pollinator to insure.

    For growing success: Select the right fruit trees for your hardiness zone, choose the right planting time, and optimize for your zone's weather conditions. “Zone 4” plum trees such as the Bubblegum Plum® and Superior Plum. cold- hardy peach trees, which fair well in most Shop Fruit Trees to Plant This Fall».