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    Need a good substitute for whole cloves or ground cloves? While cloves provide a distinctive flavor and scent, there are options for replacing them. 1 teaspoon dried leaf herb = 1/2 teaspoon ground dried herb Cloves: 3 whole cloves = 1/4 teaspoon ground. Garlic: 1 garlic clove = 1/8 teaspoon ground. I have a recipe that calls for whole cloves, which I do not currently have. I do have ground cloves. What measure of ground cloves is equal to one whole clove?.

    Depends on what you want to do with it. When you stick cloves in ham, it leaves a clove tasting spot where the clove is, and the taste diminishes. Cloves are small nailed shaped flower buds that are dried. They have a sweet, somewhat penetrating flavor. Cloves can be bought whole or ground. Ground. ground cloves vs. whole cloves. I'm another first time mead maker, and just to get a base of mead making I am going to make some unorthodox.

    Cloves are used in both savory and sweet dishes and maybe used whole or ground. Both versions are readily available in most grocery stores. When making . Thumbtack-sized clove buds are harvested, dried, and either ground into powder or added whole, while nutmeg seeds, roughly the size of a. in Chinese five spice powder. It is commonly used, but that doesn't mean that is is easy to use. Use the tips below to get the most from ground or whole cloves.